Dominik Stauch (*1962 London, lives in Thun)

Dominik Stauch, ( one of the pioneers of interactive, web-based art projects has also put rigorous effort into expanding the medium of painting. When combining different media (oil painting, digital prints, computer animation, installation or sculpture), he nevertheless remains true to theories of colour and form. Art history, literature and 20th century music theory constitute the essential components from which his works draw their complex depth.

His videos captivate, on the one hand, by their well thought out geometrical structures and ingeniously simple vocabulary of forms, but also by sequences that, often ironic-ally, make use of quotation and in which the main character is played by the artist himself. Often his works are accompanied by sound, for example sequences of music Stauch composes and plays himself. His works thus become optical-acoustic and rhythmic realisations of geometrical as well as content-oriented concepts.

Bernhard Bischoff