May 20 until June 21 2015
9.00 - 24.00

This year, aims to implement a presentation experiment with the special screening of Dominik Stauch’s never-before shown video «Coast to Coast». Like many of his videos, it is based on an examination of the concept of space. The most fascinating aspect will be to see how this piece, which was originally created for an enclosed space, interacts with the large-size e-board and the surrounding public space.

How do the reflections of the buildings, the ambient noise, the changing light and weather conditions and the dense traffic at this busy intersection at Messeplatz influence the presentation and impact of the piece? How does the rhythm of the color blocks that move on the screen relate to the rhythm of the street? Do the curving paths of the bicycles crossing Messeplatz reflect the curving lines in the video?

«Coast to Coast» by Dominik Stauch

With certain exceptions, the video is screened daily from 8:00–24:00 in between the regular messages shown on the Congress Center Basel e-board Messeplatz 21 next to Swissôtel Le Plaza.